Green lantern the animated series aya and razer fanfiction

Razer felt her hand on his chest and opened his eyes, finding himself staring into a pair a green eyes. The battle resulted in the destruction of shyir revs home planet and the captivity of one of the three red lanterns, razer. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the green lantern. Green lantern the animated series season 2 aya and razer moment part 8. Green lantern the animated series season 2 aya and razer. Its been roughly three years since aya sacrificed herself and razer left in search of her. To help lower tensions aboard the interceptor, hal has aya land the ship on an inhabited planet so he, kilowag, and razer could go get drinks. He liked dc, and he asked for aya and razer from the green lantern. Lanterns on the beach hal, kilowog, aya, and razer get a. Green lantern the animated series razer s memories nemerian. Ayas two new green lantern comrades held the three of with assistance from shyir rev. The animated series fanfiction archive with over 291 stories.

After a change of heart, he joined the interceptor crew in their fight against the red lanterns, and later the manhunters. Now a mysterious alien tells hal there may be a way to. Green lantern the animated series razers memories youtube. Razer was born on volkreg within the forgotten zone. The animated series in which aya tries to find razer while he tries to find her. Character growth aya angst and hurtcomfort crossposted on fanfiction. Four years ago today, green lantern the animated series premiered. Aya follows his gaze across the blue lanterns central square, already knowing what shell find. Characters original characters originally posted elsewhere fanfiction. Tensions arise, and as time goes on, razer must decide where and with whom his loyalties lie.

The animated series teen and up audiences no archive warnings apply. The animated series, justice society of america comics, wonder woman comics. The animated series episode reckoning razer has a different oath while charging his red lantern power ring on shard with both the red lantern central power battery and atrocituss personal red lantern power battery. If he ever wanted to be with aya he had to overcome his red lantern ring.

The animated series crossover fanfiction archive with over 41 stories. She flew to his side and the spoke, though the words were garbled. Red hood and the outlaws comics, batman all media types, dcu, green lantern comics, green lantern. Razer green lantern the animated series wiki fandom. Summary a continuation of aya and razers story from green lantern. Razer was a member of the brutal red lantern corps. Now a mysterious alien tells hal there may be a way to bring her back with the interceptors old crews help. Aya wants to become fully functional and anatomically corect, and asks razer for help with that.

While razer was held captive, aya tried to speak to him about the reasons why he felt that he should be killed for his crimes. Hal jordan said as he shoved the green and red lanterns into razers arms. Gone was the red lantern corps symbol, replaced with the blue lanterns insignia. Green lantern the animated series season 2 aya and razer moment part 6. Heres my first fan video i have ever made for my most favorite show of all time green lantern. Razers shoulders are hunched as he sits beside the fire, his elbows on his knees. Kilowog asks razer when they land in front of the main green lantern power battery. Remember this is strictly a razaya, razer, aya site with gltas sprinkled in. Hal is the green lantern who trusts razer the most after bringing him to the ship. However, the exred lantern s pointy shoulder guards were gone, and his helmet spikes were at a slightly lower angle from the last time the earthling saw him.

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