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Blood lines with rinse solution bag 16 blood lines with single needle with rinse solution bags 1140 blood lines, removing 73, 77 blood pressure 43, 11 blood pressure cuff 549312 blood pressure cuffs conductivity181 blood pressure measurement conductivity alarm 181 blood pump 38, 310, 102 body temperature control connector for. Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis capd exchange. The contents of this document may not be disclosed to third parties, copied, or duplicated in any form, in whole or in part, without the. Page 192 from drain line, intermittent collection using a 3 liter pd drain bag. The 2008t machine represents the next generation of our 2008 series hemodialysis delivery systems offering immediate access to dialysis treatment and vital medical information at the patients. Installation, maintenance, calibration and other technical information may be found in the 2008k technicians manual, pn 490049. Fresenius medical care north america welcomes your inquiries. Fresenius kabi provides blood centers with a full suite of apheresis technologies that help specialists efficiently collect their communitys most needed components, so patients can receive the blood components they need. Aslo, fresenius tech support told me a dac up to 225 is acceptable. Contact fresenius medical care technical support for applicable field service bulletins. The bibag disposable is a bag filled with dry bicarbonate powder with special inlet and outlet ports. There is a blood leak alarm and a dial valve failure alarm. About this manual 4 2008 series remote protocol manual pn 490224 rev.

Federal us law restricts these devices to sale by or on the order of a physician or other licensed practitioner. Lvd is defined as 20kg tubing systems, accessories product range 20102011 t ec h n i ca l c h anges reserve d ensuring safety with the authentic fresenius medical care original bloodlines. Those are two features that i really miss since i switched to nxstage i was on the h when i was incentre. Fresenius 2008k dialysis machine tested working 2008 k.

If you search their operators manual online, the word, pediatric is no longer in the manual. Us federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician. Read the instructions for use for safe and proper use of these devices. Hang a saline bag and attach an administration line, if not already attached. How to setup a dialysis machine part ii hemodialysis. Pd drain bag as a collection device with a safelock connector optional. Each unit were powered on, diagnostic checked, tested for use. For a complete description of hazards, contraindications, side effects and precautions, see full.

Ambulatory peritoneal dialysis capd, patients perform manual exchanges. Initiating hemodialysiscontinuous renal replacement. The fresenius 2008khome is indicated for acute and chronic dialysis. Getting fresenius dialysis machine 2008k manual pdf pdf download free is very easy and simple. Fresenius medical care issued an urgent medical device alert dated march 10, 2016, to all affected consignees.

Same clinical, technical training and same spare parts as 2008k machines category. Our website prepares fresenius dialysis machine 2008k manual pdf pdf download free that can be read in online and. However, as the ultrapure dialysis fluid comes in sterile bags, it only permits. When deciding to start hhd, a training nurse at the clinic will train the patient and their care partner on all steps required to perform dialysis at home. When the door is closed with no bag on the bibag connector, the nozzles. The 50085008s therapy system offers, for the first time, the dialysis therapy of choice online. Fresenius 4008 hdf hemodialysis system technical manual 530 kb download fresenius 5008 hemodialysis system service manual 3. For technical support and product training, call 800 2272572 tollfree 247. Building a shipping container home ep02 moving, cutting, and framing a container house duration. The bibag is a bag filled with dry bicarbonate powder with special inlet and outlet ports.

Class 2 device recall fresenius 2008k, 2008k2 and 2008k2home hemodialysis machines. In 2012, fresenius celebrates its 100th anniversary. Page 1 2008k hemodialysis machine operators manual p. Standard preventive maintenance procedures for the fresenius 2008k hemodialysis system are documented in fresenius pn 507297 fresenius 2008k hemodialysis system preventive maintenance procedures. I like the way you can set an actual clearance goal on the other machines. Page 12 tubing system, inserting with rinse solution bag 524 smartbag 241 tubing system, inserting with rinse sn chamber 11 19 1141 warning 91 solution bag in case of single sn line guide 19 1141 needle 554 warranty 25 fresenius medical care 5008 op 509. It connects the bag to your machines dialysate path. Using 10ml syringe, withdraw any heparin and saline from arterial port of catheter, along with blood. Fresenius dialysis machine 2008k manual pdf pdf download free is ready to read anytime you want. The standard pm procedure manual lists maintenance tasks and checks to be performed at and 4000 hour intervals. New, used and surplus medical and hospital equipment 4901 morena blvd. Fresenius 2008k dialysis machines for sale no patient.

Fresenius renal therapies hemodialysis product catalog. Quarterly or after hours of operation, and annually or after 4000 hours of operation. Class 2 device recall fresenius 2008 series hemodialysis. How to set up a dialysis machine part i hemodialysis training. View and download fresenius medical care 2008t troubleshooting manual online. Fresenius kabi offers a broad range of manual collection technologies designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of blood centers whole blood manual processes. In addition, staysafe tubing sets and solution bags are manufactured from. If the staff can verify that the machine locked them out from being able to interact with the touch screen or buttons, then youre dealing with a. The spare parts manual for the model 2008k and other info rmation may be found on our web site at. Class 2 device recall fresenius 2008 series hemodialysis machines. Is everyone aware that the fresenius 2008k2 machine no longer has pediatric approval by the fda.

The 2008k and 2008k2 are indicated for acute and chronic dialysis therapy. The machine manuals from manufacturers can be overwhelming to. Fresenius medical care confirms illegal publication of patient data in serbia subsequent to recent hacker attack. Fresenius dialysis machine 2008k manual pdf fresenius. Fresenius is still making changes to the new ts guide and that is why it has been on bo since feb. Flow inlet error recirc flow error 1 low flow error on 2008k. Back to 2008k2 fresenius dialysis machine go to 2008t fresenius dialysis. It is not intended as a guide for performing hemodialysis, a medical treatment that. I check each motor every pm, which means i actually change the brushes alternately on the dearator motor then next on the flow motor. Maintaining sterile technique remove cap from arterial lumen of cvad. Pdf housekeeping and accommodation operations manual.

Pdf2008k level i training manual fresenius medical care. Hemodialysis is indicated for patients with acute or chronic renal failure, when conservative therapy is. The contents of this document may not be disclosed to third parties, copied, or duplicated in any form, in whole or in part, without the prior. The fresenius 2008k has a modular component design and ultra precise volumetric uf control that makes it perfect for use in medical facilities. Fresenius medical care has continued its tradition of providing intradialytic monitoring and feedback tools with the 2008t hemodialysis delivery system. Fresenius medical cares commitment to continuous improvement and development of new dialysis therapies and products that aims to meet the everchanging challenges of dialysis therapy has led to the development of the 50085008s therapy system. Upon inspection the only thing i notice is that the deaeration sounds weird. View and download fresenius medical care 2008k operators manual online. The brushes do last as long as advertised by fresenius. In my office it runs without problem but when it is on the floor i keep getting a mixture of high flow errors and low flow errors. Only the bags manufactured by fresenius medical care may be. I guess fresenius figures that those features arent needed for most home treatments. Connect the patient end of the arterial line to the drain bag. Assuming youre talking about a fresenius 2008k machine.

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