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The case studies concern france and the netherlands, countries with. Some victims were reportedly killed for not having identity documents or for their ethnicity. On 11 january 20 france launched a military intervention in mali at the. Pdf bestand vumc cancer center amsterdam vumc cca health. While the french air force attacked targets in mali s gao, kidal and timbuktu regions, french ground forces, along with ground forces from neighboring west african countries, prepared to deploy to mali.

Socioeconomic situation in the sahel metrics burkina faso chad mali mauritania. Operation serval was a french military operation in mali. External interventions and the duration of civil wars peace palace. The reason in france s case is that mali used to be part of her african empire. France is leading what will become a multinational intervention in the west african country in order to deny sanctuary and territory to jihadists.

The french intervention in mali einternational relations. Northern mali from mnla and impose sharia law in the region. Political authorities are eager to present the operation in mali as a turning point in frenchmalian, and more broadly frenchafrican relationships, too. The 2012 crisis in mali, where the state collapsed and terrorist groups took. L intervention is a 2019 frenchbelgium war film directed by fred grivois.

France in mali back in early 20 many malians gave an enthusiastic welcome to french soldiers, when they came to rescue this crisistorn west african country. In february 1976 in djibouti, a school bus was taken hostage at the somali border. Eventually, mali s hegemony would end in the xiv century due to the rise of new powers in the region, such as the songai, and the fula people visentini 2012. In 1855, mali was colonized by france aft er the decisions of the berlin conference. As part of what it named operation serval, france conducted airstrikes jan. Twice the size of france, landlocked mali is one of the poorest countries in the world, ranking 176th on. Africa mali the world factbook central intelligence. France s intervention in mali after islamic extremists seized parts of mali, the countrys former colonial ruler, france, intervened with a ground and air offensive. Britains excuse is that many of mali s near neighbours, who might. Cest pourquoi elle mobilise 4000 hommes pour une intervention durgence. In capturing timbuktu, documents left by aqim were found revealing the. Operation serval followed the united nations security council resolution 2085 of december 20, 2012 and an official request by the malian interim government for french military assistance. This regional profile, commissioned by the netherlands.

The mali war, northern mali conflict or mali civil war is a series of armed conflicts that started. Now more than a month into their intervention in mali, french forces have successfully repelled armed jihadist groups and retaken northern cities french intervention in mali, 20. This document and trademarks contained herein are protected by law. In the middle of mali, part of the landscape gleams like a giant emerald in the otherwise arid brown african sahel. Cameroun, benin, gambia, cote divoire, burkina faso, france and. The gign is sent on the spot, where after 30 hours of tension. Kidal mauritania aguelhok anderamboukane tessit burkina faso algeria ghana tinzaouatem anefis azawad agreement between ecowas and the junta for ceding power to former speaker of parliament, dioncounda traore. Frances operation serval illustrated how national combat capacity.

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