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This master key is stored in the eeprom memory of every iclass. Hid iclass 2000 security smart card 2000hpggmn cdw. Memorymap for windows, memorymap for mac, android app help, iphoneipad app. Hid smart card reader and access control device barcodes. Hid iclass clamshell card 2k programmable 3000pggmn flash. Hid iclass 2000 rf proximity card 2000pggmn flash memory. Hid iclass cards come with a choice of 2k bits 256 bytes, 16k bits 2k bytes or 32k bits 4k bytes memory capacity. Hid smart card reader and access control device barcodes, inc. Memorymaps is the easiest and quickest way to get ordnance survey maps, marine or aviation charts on your pc, iphone, ipad, or android device. Hid 920ntntek00000 iclass contactless smart cards access control reader. Memory map s is the easiest and quickest way to get ordnance survey maps, marine or aviation charts on your pc, iphone, ipad, or android device.

It is compatible with cards, labels and tags having a frequency of. This hid iclass seos smart card has the ability to carry dual identities in a single card, providing a true one card solution for physical and logical access control applications. Iso card 35cm free demo program and vb source code. For customers looking to support multiple technologies with a single card or motivated to migrate from existing card technology to a more secure solution, dual highfrequency genuine hid card products deliver an ideal solution and migration path. Then use the memorymap app on your mobile or tablet to safely navigate showing your position on the map and data from digitalgps displays. Memorymap ordnance survey maps, admiralty marine charts, caa.

The data, or code, is read by a card reader and transmitted to an access control panel to control and secure physical access. Check stats and hill profiles or flythough 3d maps for a birds eye view of the landscape. Multitech smart card readers rs485 osdp v2 encrypted iclass and mifare. It ensures high security with mutual authentication between smart card and reader, encrypted data transfer and 64bit diversified keys for readwrite contactless smart card capabilities. Hid 2000 iclass contactless smart cards id card printers. Customize the cards to work with your system by choosing your card memory, programming, and more. Our products can be customised to suit any facility and are usable for a wide range of applications. Hid iclass pvc smart card 2000 2003 2004 2100 2103. With iclass seos you can include multiple sios on a single card, along with multifactor authentication and one time password support. Configure your card programming options and place your order. The hid 2000pggmn is an iclass contactless smart card with readwrite capability, made of standard pvc with 2k bits 256 bytes memory size divided into 2 application areas, with plain white gloss finish on both the front and the back, sequential matching internal and externally printed card numbering and no vertical punch slot.

Most popular articles memory map software downloads map legends. Memorymap ordnance survey maps, admiralty marine charts. Maps are downloaded onthefly and can be preloaded so that they can be used offline. Hid iclass seos smart cards have the most advanced technological advances over prox cards and first generation iclass cards. These cards have an embedded antenna that enables interaction with the reader without physical contact. Use the digital map store button to explore additional maps and charts. Enables contactless smart card applications to be added to an existing hid.

Hid globals iclass seos smart cards are based on a. Hid iclass clamshell card 2k programmable 3000pggmn. Theres a lot of choices when ordering iclass smart cards the easiest thing to do to make sure the cards will work in your current system is to use the same information as your current cards. This enables contactless smart card applications to be added to existing hid prox access control systems. Evolis primacy card printer, 3 year warranty, free software. Call us today at 8778680012 for a customized quote.

To ensure security of the format and cards, an iclass card programmer license is required. The most frequent installation filenames for the software. How to configure mifare card memory layout knowledge center. Customize the cards to work with your system by choosing your card material, memory, programming, and more. Set card type to mifare template and click card management. How to order iclass smart cards learning center alphacard. The iclass card meets iso standard for card size and thickness for use with direct image and thermal transfer printers.

These are issued to company employees to grant them access to parts of a building via a card reader at each security door. To access iclass cards, the omnikey synchronous api for windows needs to be installed additionally to the device driver software. Hids iclass cards are widely used contactless smart cards for physical access control and are compliant with iso 15693 and 14443b standards. All iclass credentials come with a lifetime warranty. This is the current version of the memory map navigator software, for use on windows 7 or later. Cryptanalysis of incrypt32 in hids iclasstm systems. Feb 23, 2011 iclass is a popular format of rfid enabled access cards.

Each one will use different software and variations on the map and points of interest databases. Ability to add a magnetic stripe, barcode, anticounterfeiting feature, custom artwork, or. This is the current version of the memorymap navigator software, for use on windows 7 or later. The rpk40 is a multitechnology card reader designed for customers upgrading their current card system from hid prox to iclass credentials. Understanding iclass seos smart card technology learning. Finger print reader the fingerprint key is an effective fingerprint biometric reader available in two memory configurations supporting from 500 to 3,000 stored user templates. The iclass cp400 card programmer includes a desktop readerwriter, cdrom with programming software and documentation, personalization diskette, universal power supply, and. Loading maps to sd card on android how to access purchased maps installing or reinstalling the memorymap software memorymap software downloads copying maps to an iphone or ipad how to access os 2019 mapping via the digital map store how to uninstall memorymap device gps is disabled how to install the memorymap for mac application the gps altitude on my android device. An upgrade over basic prox cards, hid iclass cards use. The memory is divided into data blocks which are grouped into application areas. Evolis zenius classic singlesided card printer, 2 year. Delivering maximum interoperability, iclass seos cards include a standardsbased application that offers a universal card command interface. Jan 18, 2019 memorymap was developed to work on windows xp, windows vista, windows 7, windows 8 or windows 10 and can function on 32bit systems.

Pdf with more than 300 million cards sold, hid iclass is one of the most popular contactless smart cards on the market. Wirelessly lockpicking a smart card reader institute for. To download the memory map app for pc, mac, iphone or ipad, or android click her. Hid iclass seos card with prox id card group id card. The newest and most advanced hid iclass technology are iclass seos cards. How an hid proximity prox card is read proximity cards, also known as prox cards or access control cards, are contactless id cards or keyfobs containing programmed data. If you are having difficulty in locating something on our site, please visit our contact us page and let us know. With iclass seos you get the most data security and flexibility in your card uses compared to prox cards. If youre not sure what all those options are, this guide walks you through all the choices. Memorymap started the outdoor digital mapping revolution back in 2001 and today hundreds of thousands of customers rely on our award winning software on land, at sea and in the air. This contactless smart card reader eliminates the constraint of manual entry and offers errorfree identification and security at your workplace. It features a graphics quality surface optimized for photo id printing, and is available in standard pvc construction, or a composite polyesterpvc construction for more demanding high wear and tear environments. Whether you are downloading your puchased maps for the first time or installing on a new computer, phone or tablet, this article is for you. Windows pc software downloads memory map navigator v6.

After patching the pic pr ogrammer software to support this feature, it. Hid globals pivclass rpk40 wall switch with keypad contactless reader is suitable for use in security areas meeting the fips201 criteria for controlled access and is intended to support the use of a personal identification number pin entered via a keypad and sent directly to a panel or door controller pin matched at panel, not on card. There are several different commercial mapping systems, so it depends which one you have. These display readers can be configured to support card biometric fingerprint, cardpin or cardfingerprintpin. Hid iclass prox smart card 202x212x iclass cards, key fobs. With the rpk40 reader, the customer has the ability to transition to smart cards over time while. Use the rf ideas pcprox hid iclass rfid reader to scan building access cards and other forms of identification. Accessories badge holders lanyards clips card printers and supplies special order plastic id cards card readers. Heart of darkness exploring the uncharted backwaters of hid. Memorymap for windows, memorymap for mac, android app help, iphoneipad app, licensemanagement help.

Proximity cards, card access control systems and hid card readers by card quest, online ordering and overnight delivery. The memorymap app turns your phone or tablet into a fullfeatured outdoor gps or marine chart plotter, and allows you to navigate with usgs topo maps, noaa marine charts, and may other specialist maps, even without a wireless internet signal. Exposing iclass key diversification school of computer science. Interoperability iclass is based on iso interoperability standards providing compatibility with many popular card technologies iso 15693, iso 14443a and iso 14443b. The solution also supports an isoiec 78164 command set and data model that defines the supported interfaces between an iclass seos card and the reader. The alphacard learning center is a tremendous resource if youre looking to gain a better understanding of id card printing technology and id card applications. The iclass card is fundamentally a memory card with simple security mechanisms for access control. Hid iclass prox contactless smart card 2020 iclass cards. Once the app and maps are loaded to the phone or tablet, cellular. The iclass 2k 256byte has 32 blocks con gured with 2 application areas.

Secure data storage with flexible data model file system based. The information under the smartcard info section is stored in the card information sector that you specified on the mifare layout dialog. This information might be about you, your preferences or your device and is mostly used to make the site work as you expect it to. These affordable and durable card products enable more flexibility than ever before through the mutual use of. Hid iclass 2000 rf proximity card 2000pggmv flash memory. The templates are not stored in a user but in a mifare card itself. Then use the memory map app on your mobile or tablet to safely navigate showing your position on the map and data from digitalgps displays. The rp40 multiclass is a multitechnology card reader designed. Site map to assist you in navigating our site, we have provided the following map. However, seos is a softwarebased system that is not dependent on the physical cards. After patching the pic programmer software to support this feature, it. How to install a maps software on to an sd card that i can. Pdf dismantling iclass and iclass elite researchgate. Format portability upgrading is completely transparent since the same prox format and user identification numbers are brought across to your iclass credentials, including hid corporate.

When you visit any web site, it may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies. Windows pc software downloads memorymap navigator v6. It ensures high security with mutual authentication between smart card and reader, encrypted data transfer and 64bit diversified keys for readwrite contactless smart card. By using industrystandard encryption techniques and advanced key management systems, iclass reduces the risk of compromised data or duplicated cards. This gives you more flexibility and security in how you use your smart cards common uses include everything from access control to. This iclass 2k bit 256 byte contactless smart card has been specifically designed to make access control more secure, powerful and versatile. Search the knowledge base for frequently asked questions and answers. Id zone makes it easy to order hid iclass cards online.

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